The platform for worker voice.

A space to privately talk and collaborate with coworkers, and the tools to ensure that you're heard.

Tools for workers, by workers

Frank is designed to help non-mangement workers build and sustain collective power in their workplace. Management is prohibited from using Frank.

Private & Secure

Collaborate safely and securely in invite-only groups vetted by trusted coworkers.

Modern Chat

Keep conversations focused and streamlined by creating channels dedicated to specific workplace concerns.

Quick Polling

Capture the pulse on an issue by polling your coworkers. Customize polls with unlimited responses and expiration settings.

File Storage

Easily organize and share key documents to keep everyone on the same page and make information readily available.

Expert Templates

Access expert-written templates on common workplace issues to help your turn your workplace concerns into action.

Fast & Seamless

Switch between discussion and action in the same place instead of jumping between platforms.

Invite trusted coworkers to a private space

Frank groups are invite-only and membership is controlled by verified group members. We give you the tools to decide who you trust.

Verify the security of your group

Keep track of your coworkers, identify support and opposition, and ensure your group's safety.

Chat about top issues at work

Talk openly with your coworkers to identify the issues you care about, like pay transparency or diversity and inclusion. You create the topics and facilitate the conversation.

Draft demand letters together

Collaborate with your coworkers to draft campaigns and key messages to your boss. Start from scratch or use an expert-crafted template. Invite your colleagues to help you outline demands to make your workplace better.

Take action with Campaigns

Gain signatures on your demand letter, deliver your demands to management, and ensure your voice is heard with actions.

Let’s get Frank.

Make your voice heard in your workplace.