Frank is a private digital organizing platform for unions, worker centers, and labor organizations to connect with workers, build organizing efforts, and track data efficiently and effectively. We offer best-in-class tools built specifically for Organizers and Workers to map the workplace, build solidarity, chat and organize securely, and ensure the private group stays private.

We want to empower both unions and the workers they support with the tools they need to connect quickly, securely, and efficiently with purpose-built tools for collaboration and chat. We don’t want to disrupt or change the battle-tested methods Organizers use – we just want to make it more efficient and easier to connect with workers where they are, all while capturing the valuable data you need to win.

Bosses, HR departments, legal teams are all using tech tools to monitor workers and prevent them from organizing. We fundamentally believe workers deserve their own tech tools, too – instead of using a patchwork of other tools and platforms to organize. Frank allows you to plan, chat, organize, and take action – all in one place.

At this time, we offer two versions of Frank: Frank for Organizers and Frank for Workers.

Frank for Organizers is our primary focus and is built for unions, worker centers, and labor organizations. Organizations use our software to help connect them to potential members, capture and track data more efficiently, and effectively organize using best-in-class digital tools.

Frank for Workers is our free product for workers to explore the platform and build up an early-stage organizing effort. Because 100% of our focus is on building and supporting Frank for Organizers, the free trial version simply has less functionality, tools, and product support - so if you are interested in using Frank for your organization or your organizing, we encourage contacting us for a demo. And, when ready, we can help introduce you to a labor partner to advise you and help you take your organizing to the next level.

Regardless of which Frank you use, we are built for any type of worker in any industry, so long as you share our mission of increasing worker power in the workplace.

Frank is a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp. This means we are a for-profit with a legal charter and commitment to the following public benefit to: “Empower workers to have a voice in collection action to improve their workplace.” We hope to build a small, focused, and sustainable company that has one customer — the worker. Our backgrounds as a team are from the software and tech industry — this is what we know. We didn’t (don’t) have access or connections to large donors or foundations that typically provide grants or funding to operate as a nonprofit. But we do have background, network, and access to investors that fund tech/software companies — and we recognize our privilege in the ability to secure funding for a mission that most investors, frankly, wouldn’t touch.

Frankly, we want to work with you.

Contact us and improve your digital organizing today.

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