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Noor Al-Sibai
Template author
Journalist, novice media theorist, media organizer.

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About the template

Need a consistent, fair remote work policy in your office? Use this template to ask management to implement an equitable policy.

About the author

Noor Al-Sibai is a journalist and novice media theorist who’s been a member of and led progressive media unions. When they aren’t working as a begrudging politico or opining on the many failures of mainstream media, they can be found trying desperately to stay off of social media and read actual books.


We have learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that working remotely, which many white -collar companies traditionally frowned upon, is the best way to keep teams safe when their jobs don’t physically require them to come into the physical office. At [Company] , working from home is keeping us happier and healthier. Remote work has proved to be a successful model for our company, with productivity at an all time high. Because of the success of remote work over the last 14 months, we are asking that a clear remote work policy be applied across the entire company.

Our current no-policy policy is leading to inconsistencies and confusion across teams. Managers of similar teams and functions are implementing wildly different remote work policies, leading to unequal treatment. Our in-office safety procedures are also being put at risk, with too much flexibility and lack of clarity about who will be in the office when. We need a standard applied company-wide to ensure workers are being treated fairly and our safety protected.

It is clear that the pandemic continues to create uncertainty, with new strains and surging case rates. [Company] should act now to implement a clear policy for all workers. Between bringing additional comfort and safety to our immunocompromised team members and allowing an option that provides greater satisfaction to our whole team, our request is one that will benefit everyone involved.

The [Company] team is requesting from management: A clear remote work policy created and implemented starting in September that allows for unlimited remote work access to all employees regardless of vaccination or health status. Fair and equal treatment to all staff who choose to work remotely. Implementation of video conferencing software like Zoom so that remote workers can take meetings remotely.

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