End business class flights for [About the author] executives

Claire Feinberg
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Organizer, designer, political staffer.

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Eliminate unfair benefits for executives like flight upgrades with this template.

About the author

Claire is an organizer and designer based in Chicago. In the past year and a half she's worked on a mayoral, congressional and presidential race where she helped unionize a top-tier presidential campaign. She believes collective action leads to more informed citizens and a healthier society.



According to [Company] ’s travel policy, all executives above the manager level are allowed to book business class flights. This is an arbitrary policy which adds to the bottom line of our business and unfairly favors executives over our average workers. We understand that individuals may want to make accommodations that better suit their travel preferences, but upgrades should not be provided on the company dollar solely because an employee is an executive. Tickets between coach and business class can differ by thousands of dollars. This discrepancy diminishes company morale and sends a clear message that an average employees’ time at [Company] is worth a fraction of an executive’s time. Business class isn’t just about onboard service and seating: it allows executives better amenities and ease of work in the airport, on board and after landing. When executives and fellow employees show up at the same meeting, it’s evident who has faced fewer hassles during transit.


CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978, while the average worker’s salary has risen only 12% in the same period. At [Company] the travel disparities between executives and other employees creates a culture of unequal worth and appreciation. We believe that travel allowances should be based on the same criteria for all employees and not based on one’s executive status. This practice is not reflective of need, or skills. Ending this practice now will reinforce equity in treatment for all employees at our company and reduce bottom line expenditures.

We are requesting:

  • Create and implement a new travel policy that treats all [Company] employees with equal respect within 4 weeks
  • Develop clear guidelines for outstanding circumstances that clear up any ambiguity in advance
  • Include an employee representative(s) in the drafting of [Company] 's new travel policy

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