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All workers deserve paid sick time, but COVID-19 has made this more clear than ever. Use this template to demand your workplace include hourly workers in accruing paid sick time.

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During this unprecedented global pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide employees with the protection of paid sick time. Hourly workers in the warehouse have to choose between coming to work sick or not getting paid. If a worker chooses to come to work sick because of the financial burden of missing a shift, they risk not just their own health but the health of everyone in our company.

We believe investing in paid sick time for our hourly workers is an investment in a healthy company overall. Implementing this policy for part-time workers will demonstrate the company values our health and safety, and as such, will reduce turnover. This is an investment that benefits both the company and us workers.

Our proposal includes the following:

  1. Allow ALL workers to accrue paid sick time at the same rate as salaried employees, 1 hour for every 30 hours worked
  2. Part-time employees be allowed to rollover up to 48 hours of sick time, a benefit salaried employees receive
  3. Part-time employees be allowed to take up to 24 hours of consecutive sick time, a benefit salaried employees receive
  4. Required disclosure to employees of any positive COVID-19 tests of workers on-site within the previous 14 days
  5. Minimum of 80 hours paid sick time for any worker who tests positive for COVID-19

Here’s our proposed course of action:

  • Get 75% of employees to support this campaign on Frank as fast as possible.
  • Deliver this campaign to our CEO and the Board of Directors with a request to respond within 48 hours.
  • If their response rejects any component of our proposal, vote on actions to take such as a public petition to gain support, a one-day sick out of all employees, or all workers communicate to management they support an “unsafe work refusal”.

Thank you for your support of your fellow workers. It takes ALL of us - not just the salaried workers - to make us successful. It’s time our CEO and the Board of Directors value us equally. If anyone has comments, ideas, suggestions, feel free to leave a comment on this page or send us a private message.

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