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Nicole Edwards
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Journalist, podcast producer, health advocate.

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Implement a Summer Fridays policy in your workplace.

About the author

Nicole Edwards is an audio journalist who tells stories about health, tech and equity. She holds a master's degree in journalism from Ryerson University, and is the founder of Mango Park, a podcast production company elevating the work of womxn and BIPOC creators. She can be found on Twitter.


We are requesting management implement a policy of Summer Fridays at [Company] . This would mean staff are free to stop working and leave the office at 3pm each Friday throughout the summer months. Summer Fridays are a way to boost employee morale, as they demonstrate that management is invested in employee wellbeing and happiness. They promote health by encouraging staff to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, away from their desks. They also give staff with family responsibilities more flexibility. Childcare can be a challenge during summer months because schools are closed, and early dismissal on Fridays allows for more time spent with family. This simple change could also result in the compound benefit of childcare cost savings for some staff members.

Not only does this policy improve morale, but it has actually been shown to boost productivity. It has the potential to reduce fatigue-related mistakes, and promotes a higher degree of organization, as staff will be encouraged to structure their workflows with shorter weeks in mind. Finally, in addition to the internal benefits, offering Summer Fridays could be a competitive advantage, as prospective employees are more drawn to workplaces that demonstrate flexible working conditions.

We are requesting:

  • Optional early dismissal at 3 pm on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • A meeting led by management to brief staff on the new Summer Friday policies
  • A staff survey to gauge the success of summer Fridays at the end of the season
  • A company-wide policy of no meetings and no expectation to respond to emails on Fridays after 3 p.m.

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