Make our office dog-friendly

Noor Al-Sibai
Template author
Journalist, novice media theorist, media organizer.

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About the template

Does your workplace embrace a casual atmosphere at work? Take it up a notch by proposing a dog-friendly policy.

About the author

Noor Al-Sibai is a journalist and novice media theorist who’s been a member of and led progressive media unions. When they aren’t working as a begrudging politico or opining on the many failures of mainstream media, they can be found trying desperately to stay off of social media and read actual books.


Now more than ever, employers who require workers to physically come into the office are allowing people to bring their dogs with them so long as those dogs are well-behaved. While our office at [Company] has its perks and amenities, it would provide comfort to both individual dog owners and to the whole staff to allow dogs in the office.

There are lots of proven benefits to having a dog-friendly office. According to the University of Southern California, allowing pets in the office makes employees less stressed, aids their productivity, and promotes physical and mental health. The staff of [Company] would greatly benefit from the positive effects of a dog-friendly workplace, and believe that it will only make us happier, less stressed, and ultimately more productive as a team.

We are requesting that [Company] management:

  • Work with staff to identify dogproofing needs.
  • Dogproof the office, with assistance of staff.
  • Allow dogs in the office at least twice a week after dogproofing is complete.
  • Respond to this notice within five business days.

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