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You can use Frank to collect union authorization signatures from your coworkers. This template guides you through how to set up a digital signature process.

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Today we’re asking you to sign this petition authorizing the creation of a union so that we can ensure our rights are never trampled on again. And, we’ll be using Frank to collect signatures to authorize the creation of a union in keeping with the National Labor Reations Board's (NLRB) digital signature policy.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign the petition. Do you authorize the United Snack Food Workers’ Union to serve as employees’ representative for collective bargaining with [Company] ? Once you have read this entirely, click "Sign Demand Letter" and in the optional "Add Your Statement" box PASTE or TYPE the following information. You must include this information to register your signature.

  • Name: fill in
  • Email: fill in
  • Phone number: fill in
  • I authorize the United Snack Food Workers’ Union to serve as my representative for collective bargaining with [Company] .

The digital signatures of all workers who correctly submit this vote will have their names added below.

2. Strive for 51%. If at least 30% of our workforce signs in favor of authorizing union representation, then the NLRB will conduct an election to approve or reject the union. If over 50%+1 of our workforce signs this petition we also have the option of asking [Company] to voluntarily recognize our union.

3. Vote for greater workplace protections. If the majority of workers who vote in the election choose the union, then the NLRB will certify the United Snack Food Workers’ Union as our representative for collective bargaining with [Company] .

4. Enjoy the benefits of employee empowerment. What can the United Snack Food Workers’ Union do for employees? Research shows that unions improve overall employment conditions. On the whole unionized employees enjoy higher wages, greater retirement security, and better health care. They have more paid sick days and vacation days. They also benefit from more advanced notice of scheduling changes and greater say in deciding their hours. Lastly, studies show that unions increase workplace safety by reducing violations and accidents and increasing employer accountability. Overall, unions help to secure a fairer share of economic growth for low- and middle-wage workers like us.

We, the undersigned, authorize the United Snack Food Workers’ Union to represent us in collective bargaining with [Company] :

Jane Doe (example)

[We will add names here as they are submitted in comments.]

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