Provide employees with tuition reimbursement

Noor Al-Sibai
Template author
Journalist, novice media theorist, media organizer.

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Tuition reimbursement is now a common practice in professions where additional training is valued. Propose this policy in your work place by using this template.

About the author

Noor Al-Sibai is a journalist and novice media theorist who’s been a member of and led progressive media unions. When they aren’t working as a begrudging politico or opining on the many failures of mainstream media, they can be found trying desperately to stay off of social media and read actual books.


We at [Company] are a well-educated bunch — and without our education and training, we would not be able to work here. We pride ourselves on our continued educations and know that they are a necessary and appreciated part of our jobs at [Company] . We believe that being reimbursed for the money we will spend obtaining further expertise would be an excellent additional perk to our jobs.

Tuition reimbursement is now a common practice in professions where additional training is either expected or desired. A huge and diverse array of major companies, from Apple to Chipotle to FedEx, offer tuition reimbursement — some for entire degrees, others for coursework up to the $5,250 a year that can be granted to employees tax-free.

The benefits of [tuition reimbursement are best illustrated by the insurance company Cigna[( In 2014, the company found that it not only had a lower turnover but that it also saved money on recruitment and new talent management and got a 129% ROI after investing in its Education Reimbursement Program. It is our stance as the employees of [Company] that tuition reimbursement would have a similar effect not just on current staffers, but also on future hires as well.

We are requesting that [Company] :

  • Survey employees to learn about what kind of coursework we would like to take and the cost of those courses.
  • Provide a transparent look into the company’s employee benefit finances while determining the cost of a reimbursement program.
  • Select a reimbursement program within 4 weeks, implementing the program within 8 weeks, and provide reimbursement checks within 12 weeks.
  • Respond to this request within 10 business days.

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