Put lockers for [About the author] employees in the break room

Noor Al-Sibai
Template author
Journalist, novice media theorist, media organizer.

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Demand Letters outline the problem you are seeking to address with your campaign. Once demand letters obtain enough signatures, you can use this platform to send them to decision makers at your company, protecting your anonymity.

About the template

Lacking a safe place to store your personal belongings at work? Use this template to demand lockers.

About the author

Noor Al-Sibai is a journalist and novice media theorist who’s been a member of and led progressive media unions. When they aren’t working as a begrudging politico or opining on the many failures of mainstream media, they can be found trying desperately to stay off of social media and read actual books.


As employees at [Company] , we take pride in keeping our workspaces neat and clean. We cannot fully do this, however, when we have no choice but to use our workspaces to hold our personal belongings during the work day. Furthermore, we cannot feel the ease that comes with knowing our items are safe and secure when we do not have the option to lock up our things while working. This stress leads to lower productivity, more workplace resentment, and a general sense of discomfort at [Company] .

Having lockers in our break room benefits the staff of [Company] in many ways, which in turn will benefit management. It will help us focus better, feel less stress about our personal items, and give our work spaces a clean look. Overall, this minor investment will help increase our productivity and allow us to feel more organized and secure at work.

We are requesting that management:

  • Plan to purchase lockers within the next 6 weeks.
  • Solicit employee opinions on which type of lockers to purchase and do their best to buy the preferred style.
  • Provide locks for all employees’ lockers.
  • Implement a group cleaning protocol to keep the locker area clean.
  • Provide staff with a response to this request by the end of business on Friday.

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