Reimburse employees for taxis or rideshares from company events where alcohol is served

Noor Al-Sibai
Template author
Journalist, novice media theorist, media organizer.

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Create a safer environment for you and your coworkers by fighting for transportation reimbursements when alcohol is served at company-sponsored events.

About the author

Noor Al-Sibai is a journalist and novice media theorist who’s been a member of and led progressive media unions. When they aren’t working as a begrudging politico or opining on the many failures of mainstream media, they can be found trying desperately to stay off of social media and read actual books.


At [Company] , we appreciate working for an employer that sponsors events for staff — and even more so that we’re encouraged to let off some steam by being provided alcoholic beverages. But this type of entertainment can be unsafe for staff, as the law considers .08 blood alcohol content to be the legal limit at which a person is driving under the influence. Beyond the legal ramifications for the individual, the possibility of liability on [Company] ’sbehalf also exists if employees get into accidents, as some court cases have shown.

The possibility that staffers may get into car accidents or get ticketed by law enforcement if they decide to drive home after drinking to avoid having to pay for a taxi or rideshare home is significant. We believe that the best way to head off these heartbreaking but avoidable disasters is to have employer-financed car services after company events where alcohol is served.

We are demanding the [Company] :

  • Provide employees either vouchers or stipends to pay for taxis or rideshares.
  • Disburse vouchers or stipends at least two weeks in advance so employees can schedule rides if need be.
  • Respond to this request within five business days.

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