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Nicole Edwards
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Journalist, podcast producer, health advocate.

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Require management to stock menstrual products in all bathrooms.

About the author

Nicole Edwards is an audio journalist who tells stories about health, tech and equity. She holds a master's degree in journalism from Ryerson University, and is the founder of Mango Park, a podcast production company elevating the work of womxn and BIPOC creators. She can be found on Twitter.


Tampons and pads are not currently supplied in work restrooms. These are basic needs required by staff, just like toilet paper. The expectation that staff should bring their own period products to work devalues the needs of women and people who menstruate, as it sends the signal that their health and hygiene are not considered or prioritized by HR and facilities.

Research shows that 42 percent of women experienced period-shaming in their lifetimes, with 20% of these incidents linked to comments from men. Providing period products normalizes menstruation for all staff, making it less taboo. It also allows people who mensturate to have some degree of privacy if they wish for it, as they won’t need to carry period products to and from the washroom if they don’t feel safe doing so.

Furthermore, tampons and pads should be available in every washroom — not only those designated for women. There are people of all genders who menstruate. Providing tampons and pads in all washrooms shows full consideration of this, which has the benefits of creating a safer space for people of all identities at work, both psychologically and physically.

Last, the pads/tampons supplied by management should be free of charge. All other sanitary products in the washroom, like soap and paper towel, are supplied at no direct cost to staff. Menstruation products are just as vital to employee health, and so should be paid for by the company.

We are requesting:

  1. Regularly stocked tampons and pads available free of charge
  2. For tampons/pads to be present in both men’s and women’s washrooms
  3. An memo to be sent to staff explaining the rationale and importance of supplying menstruation products in both washrooms

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